Fiber Laser Marking Machine


The fiber laser marking machine is the most advanced laser technology in the world. It is the third generation laser marking technology, the first generation of lamp pumping laser, and there are consumable parts in the later stage (xenon lamp, laser rod, distilled water or pure water, need Regularly adjust the light path, change the water, etc.) The maintenance is complicated and the cost is high in the later stage. In the second generation of semiconductor lasers (alias diodes), there are consumable parts (laser modules, acousto-optic Q-switches, distilled water or purified water, regular adjustment of light paths, water changes, etc.). The maintenance is complicated and the cost is high. The first and second generation equipment are obsolete products.

Main features of fiber laser technology

Air-cooled device, smaller size, lifetime maintenance-free (theory of 100,000 hours of service life).

(It needs water cooling above 100W power).

Low cost of use, no cost at the end, (electricity is also low, negligible) suitable for harsh environments.

Excellent beam quality, high efficiency, long life, low power consumption, more energy saving and environmental protection.

The photoelectric conversion efficiency is higher, close to the ideal beam, the laser repetition frequency is high, the marking speed is faster, and the high speed is undistorted.

The working efficiency is 5-10 times that of the traditional first-generation lamp-pumped laser and the second-generation semiconductor laser.

The mark is clearer and more beautiful, and has an irreplaceable advantage in fields with high requirements on depth, smoothness and fineness (such as mold industry and bitmap marking industry).

It is mainly divided into: cabinet type, split type, flying type (online or assembly line), portable, desktop type, large enclosed type, small enclosed type, mini small type, electric door type and various non-standard forms, etc.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine + Electric 2D Workbench

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The function division according to the model is mainly as follows: the marking surface is a flat type (the workpiece plane, the curved surface with a small curvature); the end surface.

Plane marking

Arc marking

Fiber Laser Marking MachineFiber Laser Marking Machine

Rotary type: The workpiece is a cylinder type, and the round enamel is marked in the circumferential direction (360 degree direction) (either the circumferential surface or the flat surface).

Rotating device


Applicable model

Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine

80mm / 100mm

Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Fiber Laser Marking Machine

3D working type: 3D solid surface marking function, focusing spot is fine in the range of 1~60mm (drop) height, can realize laser marking on curved surface (spherical) workpiece more accurately, no defocusing during processing, through 3D dynamic laser Mark control hardware, software, configuration dedicated three-dimensional galvanometer, perfect control laser beam marking on any three-dimensional surface. The market is small and non-primary.



Electric two-dimensional

Fiber Laser Marking MachineFiber Laser Marking MachineFiber Laser Marking Machine

Working principle

The laser output from the fiber laser is focused by a high-speed XY galvanometer scanner onto the working surface through an F-θ lens to form a high-power density (about 106 W/mm 2 ) spot on the surface for photochemical reaction, which causes the working substance to reverse. The laser is released by the energy level transition, the laser energy is amplified and shaped to form a usable laser beam, and the high-speed melt gasification forms a certain depth of the dent, thereby marking a clear and beautiful mark on the workpiece, which is all It is done under computer control.

Main advantages

1. The latest marking software ZGGLASER 8.0 uses WINDOWS interface, powerful and compatible. It can directly retrieve DWG and DXF format graphics from AutoCAD2000. There are spare interfaces in the extended function, which can be used with some pipeline operations. With the data communication save network printing function, not only can the marking content be saved in the database, but also the data in other databases can be called out for marking;

2. The marking workpiece does not need to be clamped and positioned, and the loading and unloading is very convenient

3. There is no noise when marking work, the print content can be saved and saved, and serial number printing can be automatically performed

4. The technology is very mature, reliable performance, high repeatability, high positioning accuracy, long continuous working time, fast marking speed, and very beautiful marking, and high resolution. The machine is small in size, long in life, reliable in performance, simple in installation and low in operating cost;

5.Compared with other laser marking machines, fiber lasers have high efficiency, better beam quality, finer marking effect, perfection, and no need to replace parts frequently. There is no consumables. The life of fiber lasers can be as long as 100,000 hours or more. No maintenance required in use

Applications: Very broad and comprehensive, can be automated online.

Applicable to all metal materials and most non-metallic materials: coding, punching, laser tearing, stripping, stripping, rust removal, deep carving, fine micromachining, anodizing, oxygen-permeable conductive surface treatment And other applications:

Machinery industry: hardware tools, clutches, bearings, pistons, piston rings, steel pipes, steel plates, gears, sensors, shafts, etc.

1. Electronic components: such as capacitors, inductors, circuit boards, integrated circuits, automotive oil system, nylon, cable and wire, keyboard, etc

2. Instrumentation: control panels, measuring tools, medical equipment, aviation parts, etc

3. Household appliances, lamps, product packaging, stationery, brand-name panels, label signs, cosmetics, color paper, various paint products, cigarettes, handicrafts

4. Tableware, food, gold, jewelry, handicrafts, ceramics, building materials, sanitary ware, office supplies

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Different from MOPA fiber laser marking machine (variable pulse width, large repetition frequency adjustment):

Pulse width: MOPA, pulse width adjustable 4 ~ 120 nanoseconds Ordinary fiber: fixed pulse width 100 nanoseconds

Repeat frequency: MOPA adjustment range is large 1.6KHz-1000KHz

Advantages of MOPA fiber laser: stainless steel color, stainless steel black, oxidized black, etc.

Contains all the features of a common fiber optic machine