Fiber Laser Application Area Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Working Principle

The fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of high-tech fiber laser cutting equipment, which uses a high-density laser beam emitted from a laser to illuminate the surface of the workpiece, so that the temperature of the workpiece is raised to the boiling point, the surface area of the workpiece is instantly melted, and the auxiliary gas is blown off. The residue on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the cutting effect. The whole process is realized by controlling the computer numerical control system to move the spot illumination area to realize automatic cutting.

Fiber laser cutting machine application areas:  

Metal cutting, environmental protection equipment, sheet metal processing, aerospace, advertising signage, electrical switch, elevator manufacturing, electronic appliances, metal crafts, shipbuilding industry, petroleum pipe, bridge construction, engineering machinery, textile machinery, auto parts, kitchen utensils, Machining, tool processing, high and low voltage cabinet production and other manufacturing and processing industries.

The above is the introduction of the application field and working principle of fiber laser cutting machine, the characteristics and advantages of OV LASER fiber laser cutting machine.


1.OV LASER fiber laser cutting machine adopts gantry type single-sided double-drive structure, imported high-precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide. The transmission is stable, the cutting speed is fast, and the positioning accuracy is high.

2.Both the bed and the moving beam adopt an integral welded structure. After annealing, finishing, vibration aging and other processing processes, the welding and processing stress can be completely eliminated, the rigidity is good, the precision is high, and the long-term use can be prevented from being deformed.

3.The X and Y axes adopt high-precision servo motor, German high-precision reducer and rack and pinion. The Y-axis adopts double-drive structure to greatly improve the motion performance of the machine tool, and the acceleration reaches 1.2G, which ensures the high efficiency operation of the whole machine.

4.OV LASER fiber laser cutting machine adopts CypCut fiber laser cutting machine special CNC system of Windows operating system, integrates many laser cutting control special function modules, powerful, easy to operate.

5.The laser cutting head adopts OV LASER custom-made special fiber laser cutting head or stainless steel laser special cutting head and capacitive sensing device, which has high cutting precision, responsiveness and stable and reliable performance.

6.OV LASER fiber laser cutting machine adopts Germany imported high-precision electronically controlled proportional valve to accurately control the air pressure of the cutting auxiliary gas and blow off the workpiece residue in time to achieve the desired cutting effect.

7.The OV LASER fiber laser cutting machine can be designed to cut any pattern as needed, and the cutting section is smooth and flat without secondary processing.

Fiber Laser    Application Area   Fiber Laser Cutting  Machine Working Principle

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