Packaging Laser Marking Machine-Laser Marking For Packaging

Application area of laser  Marking machine

With the rapid development of the domestic economy In recent years ,people's living standards are steadily rising,they focus on the food safety more and more.People  do not  focus only  on the packaging,taste,price of food and also care

The safety of food.It is necessary to have the  tag information to distinguish different food effectively in the misleading food market.

We always use printing code or spurting code to mark on food,both of them can be obliterated because of the use of ink ,which can not ensure the tracking and perdurability of information.

Nowadays.Marking with laser marking machine is an effective way  to improve permanency of marking information.

People use high energy density laser irradiate part of the workpiece,which leads to the vaporization of surface materials or color variance,Then the mark is remain forever.It is of high marking accuracy,fast speed,good marking clearance .

It is difficult  to be tampered and counterfeited because it is marked on the whole packaging of product.

Packaging  Laser Marking Machine-Laser Marking For Packaging


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