Laser Marking Machine Solution

Mobile phone data cable laser marking

We must first analyze the self-factor of the data line. The data line is generally used to connect the computer to the mobile phone. The joint width of the connector is generally about 1.5cm, and the diameter of the wire body is less than 5mm.

First, if you are engraving on the data line, the first word is very small, and you should consider the material problem of the data line. The inner wire is usually a thin copper wire, the outer part is made of PVC plastic material, the interface is hardened plastic, and the interface pin is generally gold-plated.

Second, if the quality is almost tinned or silver plated. If we are engraving on the PVC series of plastic layers of the data line, we need to select a laser marking machine with very low power because the melting point of PVC material is low.

Third, if the power is high, it is easy to burn. In combination with these characteristics of the data line, we recommend that the data line engraving font should use an ultraviolet laser marking machine.

Ultraviolet laser equipment is very suitable for processing small data lines because of its very small power (1.5w, 3w, 5w, 10w); and its small spot size has little thermal impact on pvc materials, and will not deform the data lines. It is soft, and this is also very consistent.

Laser Marking Machine Solution

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